Is the food conondrum eating you up?

April 08, 2019

Eat healthy to improve your sports performance

A good workout may leave you worn-out. Hey, nothing beats the post work-out feelings. If cars only need to fuel prior to operating at max capacity, the human body is a little more complicated. Mistime your fueling and you may bonk. Misjudge the type of nutrition you need, and you will not benefit from your work-out as optimally as you should.

Living healthy means eating healthy.  We've all heard it 1000 times but what about eating to perform optimally?

In long distance endurance sports, nutrition is always where boys are separated from men. It is an absolutely crucial component!  This is a vastly underestimated field for novice to even more advanced athletes. Today, we look into some important things you need to keep in mind when adjusting your meal plans with your training plans.

Examine your working sessions

Take a look at your schedule after you plan your weekly training sessions. Pin down when and what you should eat.

running : planification of your training



The rule to remember is simple - if you will have a big meal, then you should do it at least three hours before your next training session. Even a smaller meal should be ingested three hours prior so your system will not have to redirect some of your blood into your guts and make it available for muscles operation. It goes without saying that not all foods are created equal. Heavy to digest food make you groggy and sleepy.  Simple sugar is easy to digest but irrelevant to fueling you well. Carbohydrates provide exactly what is needed to fuel endurance sports and if fibers (plant-derived food that cannot be completely broken down by digestive enzymes), should be avoided at all costs 24 hours from any significant set unless you want to haul additional weight with you at every step.

Try to avoid over-eating when adjusting your meal plan with your training plan

Your hypothalamus governs satiety.  Three meals a day is a new concept for Humans. For thousands of years, we had to adjust to external challenges to sustain ourselves.  Scarcity, or just unreliable food source has triggered the brain to delay the satiety so we could stack up a little more than needed.   Nowadays, such a smart adjustment is no longer appropriate in developed countries and one needs to rely on additional brain functions to avoid over-eating.

Athletes consume a lot of energy and therefore need to replenish in greater volumes.  Let it be clear: over-eating = eating too much, whatever the circumstances.

Sports : eat healthy improve performances

Avoid overeating after the exercise.


Should you consider supplements when adjusting your meal plan with your training plan?

Many believe that being active means adding supplements. The industry will let you believe you cannot exercise without getting some pills or powders. Not necessarily true! Even though they can be helpful, your body will be more grateful if you achieve the same effect with whole foods and a balanced diet.

Some of the downsides to using supplements is trusting what is in the bottle.  A company like Fullscript provides professional-grade supplements.  

Under a lot of stress because you are moving to Vegas, don’t binge on food to compensate and remember, FITLY Sub45 was designed to carry only what you need during your run.  As you can see, there isn’t much space in the pockets because you do not need to take a lot to perfectly fuel your work-out!

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