October 25, 2019

Breathing exercise for running

Deep Breathing exercises are really simple and an easy way to transform your life with a good state of mind. Deep breathing sends a memo to your brain that has an almost instantaneous comforting effect. Deep breathing lowers your heart and breathing rates. It decreases your blood pressure and reduces the stress or anxiety you might be having or struggling with. It helps maintain your body, health, and mood.  Breathing is something that you can do naturally every day.

Deep Breathing Exercises that play an important role in our lives.

Here are some tips to improve your mood and health with deep breathing exercises:

  1. Choose a Place and Comfortable position of sitting:

Set where you feel comfortable. It could be your room, bed, or chair. Don’t force your way in. Try it with calmness. Wear comfortable clothes. Try it for more than 10 minutes. One of the best and easy exercise is to sit comfortably in a chair in a comfortable position. Sit straight, place your hands on your lap, and your feet must touch the floor. Close your eyes and feel relax. Feel like you are having no stress, no tension at all. Feel positivity and try to decrease the negativity around.

  1. Breath in through your nose and breath out through your mouth:

Breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, then through your mouth. Once, twice, three times. It is up to you how many times, how many repeats.  After several deep breathing, you should start noticing its positive effects. 

While breathing, put one hand on your belly and one on your chest. You will notice that when your breath in, your belly rises and when your breath out, your belly lowers.  Breathe fully into your belly.

  1. Focus on your Breath:

Use a calming picture in your mind, a word that matters to you, or a soothing idea that will help you to feel more comfortable. 

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • While breathing in, imagine the air filled with goodness.
  • While breathing out, imagine bad air leaving your body.

 Feel the serenity and quietness while doing deep breathing exercises.

Repeat it for 5 minutes.  The whole process should take no longer than 10 minutes.  Do it every day. 

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