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Review of a power User

“If you're looking for a low profile storage option for your runs then look no further!(...) I'm of the opinion that nicer, well-made products are worth the money IF you use them. The Fitly pack falls into this category for me. Would I Recommend It? If you don't care for bouncy waist packs or unwieldy arm bands then this is probably the best solution for carrying a number of items on your runs. I've used it on tons of training runs and even in one rainy race and it just works and it just stays out of the way. 

A 5 star review from the UK

* Beyond perfect!

*Genuinely a runner's dream.

*I didn't think a running pack could be this much of a game changer.

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The 100K report

« Just wanted to give some feedbacks after 2 months of trainings with my Fitly bag: Ran about 100 kms on road (less than 15 kms per session) & just completed a Spartan race Trifecta (3x races for a total of 42 kms + 100 obstacles).
The fit is awesome: close to the body, you can almost forget you wear something & does not prevent any movement !
Bounces are nonexistent even when loaded with an Iphone 7 Plus, a 250 mL soft flasks and a few bars / gels (although the neck of the flask is “out of the bag”.
The quick strap system is magic: quick fasting and quick release !
It is quite durable: even after my Spartan races, no scratches nor cut are visible.
Easy to maintain: after each run, the pack ends in my washing machine....
Lots of hangs, smaller straps to attach lights on your back or my microfiber towel ».  Gabriel

An essential accessory for runners

* This pack is extraordinary

* Built to run anywhere

* Cleverly combines capacity and comfort by allowing you to carry all your essentials, without affecting your run.

A feeling of total freedom

*FITLY solved carrying personal items with an innovative pack, minimalist and weather resistant

*Anatomically adapted, FITLY fits your body perfectly

*Designed to avoid any movement of any objects during your effort

What are you carrying?

* Equipped with a smart adjustment system, FITLY will adapt to your morphology

* Tested on man and woman, it does not move!

* You quickly forget it

Some of the 1000 positive feedbacks

"FITLY is perfect to stash my phone, water, snacks, and can’t forget the essential doggy bags and treats!" (Leslie Buccino)

"I really do love my Fitly. Thank you to continue to innovate" (Sengita Warich)  

"Simply awesome!!! Barely know I'm even wearing anything!!" (Anthony Robinson)

"It is a phenomenal product.  Thank you for putting it out on the market" ( Ginny Huntoon)

"Perfect for my 2 hour bike rides. Water is on the frame. All the other stuffs (📱 🔑 💵 🍫 🍬) are stored in my FITLY. ☔️ or 🌞, nothing ever moves even during rough trail rides. Perfect!”. Boulou"

The best pack for tunners" (

"Definitely did not bounce at all and felt really snug". (Melissa Cooney)

"Tried FITLY for the first time yesterday.  This running pack is the best I have ever ran with" Hugues Belsack

  "Just ordered mine last night...will be stalking the mail until it arrives!" (See_stephanie_run)

"Who ever thought of this is genius" (Travel _bug_bite)

"Gorgeous!" (Carver4548)

"Love this!!" (Waagen75)

"Perfect" (Duman_savalan)

"Awesome!!" (Runforfunchic)

"Coolness!" (Carver4548)

"Need!! #running" (Davidmarschallpwr)

"Always looking for a way to keep my phone and keys secure and...non intrusive to my run! Cool!!" (Living_well_with_lexi)

"Excellent!" (Kourosh_roselly2)

"Definitely IN!" (Tropicalfruit_runner

"Love this" (Andrewoliverdesign)

"So cool this.  I need IT ❤️" (petrafizkova)

"Splendid!!! Worth every penny invested".

"« First time trying out FITLY running pack. As advertised, the pack feel snug & light that u practically dun realise is there and no issue of moving around when u run » (Derrick)

"« Morning run in Poros 🇬🇷 with my new pack 😍🇬🇷☀️ Comfortable and light, it can carry a lot of things and be forgotten. Super convenient for medium duration sessions 👍👍 In addition it takes no space in the suitcase so it's top 👌👍 I highly recommend it 😊😊 » (Caroline)

"I bought a FITLY because i want to start running again”. (Event buyer)

"This thing is sweet" (Gloriann4)

"On every runners' Xmas list" (Fiamettamink)

"Too smart" (Ohsixohsix)

"Stunning" (Rebeccamayneyoga)

"Never without my fitly" (Ingrid Vanescote)

"Who ever created it is a genius!!!" (ilsa_sportz)

 " FITLY looks like the ultimate commuter pack!" (irunmcclung)

"From the moment I saw this backpack to jog I loved it" (garfamilialeon)

"everybody talks about it".  (fab_maillot)

"A small running pack super useful for short runs" (max_runrun)

" Wahoo!!! Fantastic!!!" (lizbeth_and_run)

"This pack looks awesome". (allyw12runs)

"Great idea" (gwen_sportz)


 XS - S = 66 - 79 cm
M - L - XL = 79 - 102 cm