Invented by runners born out of necessity


For many of us, running is synonymous with freedom, personal time and the so beneficial "active recovery".  After decades of running and competitive racing, the need for a gear dedicated to short runs became abundantly clear. We surveyed Running Communities throughout the world,  from Beginners to PROs. The results overwhelmingly confirmed the need for a minimalist weather-proof accessory to carry small personal items. 

FITLY emanates from decades of endurance training and is the result of an extensive research from experts, designers, engineers and the pursuit of the ultimate running accessory to accompany your short runs. 

We hope that every time you take your FITLY out – hair loose, light strides and gentle breathing – you will enjoy it as passionately as we do!

The team

Jean-Marc created it. Nicolas made it happen technically. Olag gave it a beautiful visual identity and Nicolas is making the world aware of it!  All above average experts in their respective fields.

FITLY is a reality thanks to their dedication and selfless generosity.

Get in touch

Customers, distributors, grumblers and praisers, tell us all!  Unless we are out running, we typically react fairly fast!

 XS - S = 66 - 79 cm
M - L - XL = 79 - 102 cm