Minimalist bag eco friendly Fitly Run


The Hydro Running Pack  I  Go Longer!

Body bag comfortable and minimalist

Awesomely Body fitting

Featherlight sensation

Filled with innovations

Patent pending and World’s First Thoracic Belt System

S-Café green innovation Odor Resistant Fabric

Surprising Fidlock Magnetic Fastener

Water Resistant phone protection

Especially Durable Fabric

200% Moisture Wicking

Reflective Bands

Minimalist Tube Lock *

Hidden Tubing system *

Low-profile 500ml Soft Flask *

Thermo-protected soft flask pocket *

* SUB90 specific



Fitly hydro innovative pack caracteristics

Fitly run : security running pack system

Designed to:

Protect your phone from the rain

Keep items from bouncing

Gently fit your body

Carry just what you need

Be completely noise-free

Never affect your running form

Distribute weight symmetrically


FITLY's Innovative Running Accessories

 XS - S = 66 - 79 cm
M - L - XL = 79 - 102 cm