August 14, 2019

Choose your running shoes

What do you need for running? Well, if you plan running around the block, once, nothing. But, if you plan on becoming a runner, you will need the best running shoes you can afford. Experienced runners take great care in choosing a running shoe and so should you.

What you need to know about your feet and ankles

Before we start looking into running shoes and all the different types, we need to first assess your feet and ankles. The whole reason behind getting running shoes is to help your ankles and feet function properly. And, if you plan on becoming a runner, you need to assess them.

Adapted his shoe to his foot

Pronation, foot types and gait

Pronation is the rolling of your foot from the heel to toe when the foot hits the ground.  Underpronation happens when your foot rolls to the outside and overpronation when your foot rolls too much to the inside. Most running shoe stores have a scanner to determine your pronation, arch and the way that your foot behaves when you run. Don't get too fancy figuring it out.  Visit a store to get a good analysis!

    Choose the right running shoes

    Once you have a better idea of your feet situation, go on to choose the right running shoes. Price set aside, look for a shoe that matches your criteria and feels awesome! This kind of mindset is vital for any situation where money can help you avoid injuries or accidents. So, whether you are choosing running shoes or trying to calculate the cost of your move in advance, remember that quality and adaptability come first.

    Different types of shoes

    Motion-control shoes 

    For a person with a flat foot that overpronates, this is the shoe to pick. It has a wide, straight shape which gives maximum foot support and prevents you from rolling in your foot too far.

    Stability shoes 

    These are your run of the mill running shoes. They have a semi-curved shape that will help people with neutral gait maintain their proper posture. They offer a good balance of support and cushioning.

    Neutral cushioning shoes

    Geared for the high-arched feet. They are the most curved ones. They offer the necessary impact absorption.


      The final thing to keep in mind

      The most important thing to remember is that your shoes need to fit you perfectly. When you visit your local store, make sure to take your time when choosing. Find the ones which are of good quality and offer proper support for your feet. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in those shoes. So, you should do yourself a favor and make sure that they fit you perfectly.


      how to choose your running shoes

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