FITLY Towel - Innovative Seat Covers

Size Guide

FITLY Towel is a waterproof seat cover for active people.  Just slip it on the headrest and unfold!

Made with a dual-layer eco-friendly bamboo fabric and a 100% waterproof TPU membrane, FITLY Towel protects from sweat, sand, smell, spills, and dirt. 

A great post-work-out accessory.  Run, Swim, Bike, Gym, Crossfit, Hike, Beach, Pets, Kids or just to protect your seat on a rainy day

- FITLY Towel folds up into a travel pillow. 
- Throw it on the back seat, ready for next time!


Keep your seat dry and clean

  • All-in-one waterproof seat cover - towel - travel pillow
  • Dual-layer bamboo eco-fabric
  • 100% waterproof TPU Membrane
  • Absorbent - weighty - durable
  • Universal Fit



41 x 30 cm (pillow) 

71 x 137 cm (towel / seat cover)

Exists in several colors : blue, white, red, green


 XS - S = 66 - 79 cm
M - L - XL = 79 - 102 cm